Six Tips to Help You Hire the Right Roofing Contractor

Replacing the roof of your home is one of the most significant challenges you will face as a homeowner. Many contractors will claim to get the job done. However, it's important that you not pick the first one you see in a phone book. Choosing the right roofing contractor can seem like a difficult task. Selecting the right contractor will ensure that you get a properly installed roof.

Make Sure the Contractor is Licensed and Insured

Whoever you choose to replace your roof needs to have insurance for their subcontractors and employees. Request to see a copy of their insurance certificate and call their insurance carrier to determine if the policy is valid. Most states legally require contractors in that state to have a license. This doesn't mean that aren't any contractors operating without a license. If you reside in a state that legally requires a contractor to have a license, you should see their license and confirm its validity.

Hire a Local Contractor

Hiring a local contractor decreases the chances of scams and issues arising. There are many complaints about contractors who can't be found after a roof installation and repair. A local company will have an established reputation in the community. On top of having a contractor that won't vanish overnight, local contractors are familiar with the local codes and regulations. These contractors will also have developed relationships with area suppliers and work crews.

Don't Let Price Control Your Decision

While price can influence your decision, it shouldn't be the deciding factor. Reputable contractors will not offer their services at really cheap prices. A contractor bid that is well-below the average bid for a similar project may be someone who is trying to do this type of work on the side. Focusing more on getting the job done for the cheapest prize may cause you to have to deal with issues down the road. You may spend more money trying to correct problems than you would have had if you not taken the lowest bid.

Always Get the Details of the Job in Writing

Getting the details of the project in writing is a good way to make sure all parties have an understanding of what is expected of each other. The contract should include the length of the project, when the project will start, and its completion date. Other details that should be put in writing includes the contractor's clean-up methods, the cost of the project, and payment schedule.

Communication is Important

You should be able to get in contact with your contractor. The contractor should send you any documents you request from them. You should also expect your contractor to return your calls and answer any questions you have about the work they are doing. If you have to hunt down your contractor, or they are unwilling to provide necessary information, seek a new one. Anyone who can't answer your questions, or stay in communication, is more than likely not reputable. A contractor who is unwilling to communicate may not provide the best service.

Avoid Contractors Who Randomly Knock on Your Door

Don't use a roofer who knocks on your door offering their services. These people are canvassing your neighborhood and trying to get sales leads. If the roofers appear after a recent storm, they will try to convince you that your roof has experienced significant storm damage. These people will try to pressure you into using their service. If you do consider one of these contractors, make you read over every document before signing a contract. Also, you should see the Better Business Bureau's rating for the company. Having someone come to your door doesn't mean you have to use their services. You should still research roofing companies to find a contractor.

Having your roof replaced or fixed is one of the most expensive home repairs. It's also a repair that should last a long time. Ensuring that you receive quality craftsmanship begins with hiring the right contractor. Many contractors make promises and claims about the quality of their service. Unfortunately, some contractors will fall short of their promised expectation. These tips should help you hire a roofing contractor that will not only get the job done and leave you satisfied.