What is a Drip Edge?

Jeremy: Hey guys, I'm Jeremy Ashburn and I have Shane with me at the Best Roofing Company. Common question that comes up is about the kind of equipment you install, one of the pieces of equipment that you guys install is called a drip edge.

Shane: Yes.

Jeremy: What is a drip edge?

Shane: Drip edge is a very small piece of metal that goes from the top of your room, down over the fascia board, and hopefully, into the gutter, so that no water goes in between the roof edge, the fascia board, and the gutter. What that will do, Jeremy, in time, if it's not there, is actually lead to rot out of the roof deck on the edge of the roof, as well as the fascia board itself. A very small piece that's very important and needs to be installed on every roof.

Jeremy: Obviously you guys install that then in the process.

Shane: Absolutely, we're not going to skip anything even down to something as small as the drip edge.

Jeremy: Okay, definitely. Well 828-676-2526 or BestRoofingCompany.com is how you can reach them directly. Thanks a lot Shane.

Shane: Thank you.