How Long Will a Traditional Roof Replacement Last?

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I'm Jeremy Ashburn. And I've got Shane with me and we're with the best roofing company and if I just hired you guys to replace my roof and it's a traditional roof, of course not a metal roof, how long would that last?

Shane: The typical asphalt shingle is going to be 20-25, 30 years. Please don't be fooled by the lifetime shingles that are being sold. They are 30 year architecturals, just like they were five or six years ago before somebody got a hold of it and decided that 30 years was a limited lifetime.
So the easy answer, traditional shingle asphalt roofing is going to last 20 to 30 years.

Jeremy Ashburn: And then if we're talking about a metal roof, we're talking about 50-60 years.

Shane: A metal roof should be ... I may be generous. A metal roof should be say 40-50 years with minimal maintenance, yes.

Jeremy Ashburn: Yes, definitely. Well, call them directly at 828-676-2526 or

Shane: Yes, thank you.

Jeremy Ashburn: Thanks.