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7 Eco-Friendly Roofing Tips

Are you looking to roof or re-roof your house? If yes, then here are seven eco-friendly roofing tips that will come in handy:


For re-shingling or shingling, it is essential that your flat roof deck or sheathing remains clean. In other words, your roof must not reveal signs of dry rot or be warped. Additionally, re-roofers must avoid nails coming out through new shingles by getting them off the sheathing.

All About Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt is one of the most common roofing materials used on homes throughout the United States. But it's hardly the only choice homeowners have today when it comes to roofing materials. Metal, clay, cement, and wood also some appealing qualities, but asphalt roofs can be just as beautiful and functional when properly installed and maintained. Here's what you need to know if you are considering an asphalt roof for your home.

Six Tips to Help You Hire the Right Roofing Contractor

Replacing the roof of your home is one of the most significant challenges you will face as a homeowner. Many contractors will claim to get the job done. However, it's important that you not pick the first one you see in a phone book. Choosing the right roofing contractor can seem like a difficult task. Selecting the right contractor will ensure that you get a properly installed roof.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Deciding when to replace your roof requires achieving the right timing. If you do it too soon, you could be wasting your money. If you wait too long, the roof decking could be damaged to the point where more of the structure needs to be replaced, resulting in a costlier project. In order to know when to replace your roof, you need to be able to recognize the signs of a worn roof and be willing to check the condition of your roof once every month or two.

The Six Most Popular Roofing Materials

Updating your roof allows value addition and communicates the feel and look of your home. Apart from the fact that preparation, roof framing and proper installation are important, the roofing material selected improves your home's exterior. This article describes the most popular roofing materials.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Roofing Materials

In choosing the best roofing material, it is important to consider the following factors.

The Pros and Cons of 15 Types of Roofs

15 Types Of Roofs And Their Pros and Cons

A roof does not only protect the house from rain and snow. It also plays a major role in defining the style and shape of the house. Additional living space is another role that a roof can play. It can also make a home more energy efficient and more resilient. There are many types of roof designs that have been developed ever since man started building homes and structures. Here are 15 roof designs along with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Basic Components of a Roof

What's Under My Roof?

It’s possible that one of the first things that distinguished early humans from other great apes was that when it rained they ran for cover while the chimps and gorillas sat out in the open and got rained on. Then, humans started to live in caves and eventually learned to use natural materials such as thatch to cover man-made structures. Now, the modern roof is a sophisticated part of every building. Here are the basic components of a modern roof:

How to Know If You Need a Roof Replacement

Five Clues That Will Tell You If You Need Roof Replacement

How do you know if your roof needs replacement? If not the whole roof, you may need to replace some of its parts. But are there clues that will tell you before water stains appear on the plaster of your ceilings? It is important for you to know these signs because it will mean the difference between a small and inexpensive repair and a large and costly job that may even take several days to accomplish. Here are some clues that will tell you if you need a roof replacement.

What is a Drip Edge?

Jeremy: Hey guys, I'm Jeremy Ashburn and I have Shane with me at the Best Roofing Company. Common question that comes up is about the kind of equipment you install, one of the pieces of equipment that you guys install is called a drip edge.

Shane: Yes.

Jeremy: What is a drip edge?

Do You Guys Install Gutters?

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I'm Jeremy Ashburn, and I've got Shane with me at the Best Roofing Company. And do you guys install gutters? Do you guys do gutters?

Shane: Yes, we do. Roofing, gutters, sidings, windows, and doors, actually. We are an exterior construction company. Everyone is employed by Best Roofing Company, so when your gutters, when you're roofing, whatever it is that we're there to do for you, we can handle that on the exterior of that building.

Jeremy Ashburn: And that's generally a part of the process then?